Coal geology, beneficiation, logistics and marketing consulting services.

Benefit from our expertise.

With almost 15 years of successful assignments in South Africa's coal industry, XMP Consulting has established solid relationships with large and small companies via investigations to enhance the marketability and profitability of client collieries. More than three decades of experience in coal data analysis, combined with input from associates with an even longer direct involvement in the coal industry, means that we can offer our clients expert guidance in the development of their coal ventures.

The XMP coal team comprises geologists, mining and coal processing engineers, logistics and marketing specialists, analysts and other support staff.

Our scope.

  • We provide advice to the coal industry, with a reputation for independence, quality and integrity.

  • We cover all South African producing coalfields and markets.

  • Our depth of industry knowledge allows our experts to provide sound commercial advice.

  • We integrate analysis with recommendations to support clients' informed decision-making.

  • We apply a fundamentals-based coal methodology combined with a local and global view of supply and demand to identify the comparative market advantage/s for each mine or coal deposit.

Specific service areas.
  • Coal resource analysis

  • Coal processing

  • Coal market analysis

  • Competitor analysis

  • Transportation analysis

  • Assessment of coal propositions

  • Mine and plant due diligence

Our methodology involves

Pre-feasibility desktop studies.

Designed to identify the characteristics of all potential saleable coal products.

Investigating markets.

Sourcing local and global coal market prices.

Analysis and guidance.

We analyse findings to optimise the marketing mix for a given mine or undeveloped resource.