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Ghost trains haunt South Africa’s coal export corridor, Montel, Apr 2023
As we move towards a just transition and a resilient energy system, we mustn’t abandon coal — yet, Daily Maverick, Feb 2023
Transnet could be major disaster to South African economy, coal commentators warn, Mining Weekly, Jan 2023
An uncomfortable reality is dawning as rich countries turn back to coal, Feb 2023, BusinessLIVE
Coal conundrum on fire in SA, The Citizen, Jan 2023
S Africa coal imports to Europe jump 5-fold since invasion, Montel, Aug 2022
S.Africa's Transnet issues veiled threat to coal exporters, Reuters, Jul 2022
Analyst highlights ample continued opportunities for South African coal, Mining Weekly, Jun 2022
Transnet says coal producers should plan for minimum 60 million tons this year, IOL, May 2022
Germany woos South Africa to replace Russian coal, Montel, Mar 2022
Coal is not dead, Prevost insists, Mining Weekly, Apr 2022
Growing uncertainty around local coal industry’s future, Mining Weekly, Apr 2022
Richards Bay Coal Terminal hopes for massive railing recovery in 2022, Southern African Coal Report, Feb 2022
Billions lost as coal exports hit multi-decade lows, News24, Jan 2022
Coal still a lifeline for South Africa, Mining Weekly, Sep 2021
Trend towards decarbonisation discouraging coal investment, Mining Weekly, Sep 2021
Botswana coal industry is eating SA’s lunch owing to lack of Govt. support, miningmx, Aug 2021
Coal still a lifeline for South Africa as transition begins, World Coal, Aug 2021
Juniors struggle to recover from Covid-19; case for M&A grows, Southern African Coal Report, Aug 2021
SA coal price recovery to continue as Asia demand reminds world of fuel’s importance,
miningmx, Jul 2021
Cutting coal not as clear-cut as some wish, says analyst, Mining Weekly, Jul 2021
Anglo's SA coal spinoff left bleeding on its first day, News24, Jun 2021
Eskom raises cost of coal in Seriti deal but gets a pile of benefits, BusinessLIVE, May 2021
Emerging coal changes to present new electricity price risk,
Engineering News, Apr 2021
Is ResGen’s woes the death knell for SA’s Waterberg coal dreams?, Southern African Coal Report, Apr 2021
Anglo’s great coal switch-off, BusinessLIVE, Apr 2021
Coal price expected to average $100/t as China turns to South Africa for coal,
Mining Weekly, Jan 2021
China buying South African coal ‘could be game-changer but we shouldn’t be complacent’, Mining Weekly, Jan 2021
China buying South African coal ‘could be game-changer but we shouldn’t be complacent’, Hellenic Shipping News, Jan 2021

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Xavier Prevost
Xavier Prevost

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